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AC & Chase

Our journey began with a chance encounter in our late 20s—a meeting of minds fuelled by ambition and a shared hunger for career success.


Through these wild ups and downs, we realized something profound: every challenge we faced was an opportunity to learn, adapt, and thrive. The workplace wasn't just a collection of tasks; it was a complex ecosystem of emotions, relationships, and personal growth.

AC and Chase from GossipPro
GossipPro Youtube

Grow, we did. After spending two decades, combatting every obstacle thrown our way whilst working for some of the world’s most renowned companies (Sky, G4S, Intel, Henkel, McDonalds and more) we decided to challenge ourselves a little more.

"Let's start GossipPro"

"Mission Statement"

GossipPro empowers professionals to navigate their careers wisely, avoid pitfalls, and address toxic practices. We cultivate a supportive community for positive change in the workplace.

Chase from GossipPro
AC from GossipPro

"Our Objectives"

  • Deliver informative content for career guidance

  • Build a supportive community against toxic practices

  • Empower workplace advocacy through education

AC from GossipPro
Chase from GossipPro
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